Virginia besson robilliard fiction is something that could happen - but usually you wouldn’t want it to. Fantasy is something that couldn’t happen - though often you only wish that it could.
— Arthur C. Clarke

A little bit about me

This is no easy task to speak about oneself but I will try to play the game :-).

 I am a daughter, a mother, a wife, a cat lover and a writer who wants to see her old dream come true : live of my writings !

One would say it is quite a common wish, well, yes maybe but it’s mine, it has always been, and I simply love this world. I love to think about new stories and create different universe for my characters. I love to share the stories of these characters and talk about them with my readers. So even if those reasons are simple, and I know they are, they are mine as easy as that.

I am not an IT boss to start with but a secretary, but, due to financial issues (authors from all horizons will know what I’m talking about here I’m sure), I decided to create a website by myself. This one is the 4th version of my experiments by the way. As such, I want to believe that I am indeed making progress each and every time I try something new (it’s good for my peace of mind ;-) ). BUT, in case you notice something is not working as it should, please do not hesitate to let me know ! (I swear I will only be happy if you do)

I started as a self published author and Lazare is a self published book. I started from scratch and I have been able to learn a whole lot of things during this process (I still do in fact). I am now working both as a self published and published author and I consider myself very lucky to be able to do so.

When I reached my thirties, I learned the hard way that if I wanted to live my dreams I would have to “dirty” my hands a little more than just a bit. And it was to be crucial point for me to do so if I was not about to accept and see the Universe give my chances to realise my dreams to someone else.

I came a long way already and letting myself being discouraged at this point would be seriously ungrateful towards the Universe and towards you my readers don’t you think so ?!

So I keep going, I fall, I’m getting up again and restart everything while keeping somewhere in my mind and my heart these few self advices : keep smiling, keep going, keep your sense of humor safe and your readers close to your heart…


The wonderful people working with me

And those I am really grateful to as without their help I know for sure I would have to go through a much more chaotic path.

Those talented people create my book covers, give me inspiration, help me with my social networks, help me with beta reading, create videos for my books and the beautiful unique musics for them, illustrate my work (covers and soon for mangas too) and last but not the least, help me to go through the tedious proofreading tasks !

Thank you all for your support, you sense of humor, your professionalism and above all thank you for working with me !

Christian — Varchasa — Sonia — Anne-Marie — Aurélie — Audrey — Elise — Cassandra — Rebeca — Joy — Clem — Kaan — Manon — Sophie — Jessica — Sandra — Dark Honi



testimonies for Lazare Donatien (only available in french at the moment)

"Un excellent moment en compagnie d'un personnage fantasque et impertinent." —  Isandre

"Un vrai bonheur ! " — Marie Vi

"Des personnages folkloriques et attachants. " — Michèle

"Je me suis laissée prendre par l'histoire et ce côté surnaturel et fantastique. " — Fauvettes



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