Hello there,

 If you are here today it’s most probably because you are interested to know about my affiliation program so let’s get to it shall we ?

What is an affiliation program ?

It’s basically a program which allows you to display products and/or services from other companies and if you make a sale then you receive a small commission for it. Of course, this kind of transaction does not change the price for you but as for me it helps in maintaining this website and my author activities.

And now, let me explain what kind of program you will find on my site


Direct Affiliation


It’s something I have to put on hold for now but I am seriously thinking about it.

Of course if you would like to share you ideas and/or suggestions about it, feel free to contact me. The more people will ask for it the faster I will be able to put the system in place.

But first, what would be the conditions for my program ?

1- You will be able to purchase my books (in paperback or ebook format) directly from this site.

2- In doing so, you will be automatically added to my list (don’t worry it’s only fun and interesting stuff I am against any kind of spams).

3- You will then be invited to subscribe (or not, the choice is yours) to my program and become an affiliate by selling my books and goodies around you and you will receive a commission on each of your sale in return.

4- The great thing in this program is that it will be a win/win situation for all of us.

Well, for now I am waiting for you to make the first move and let me know if you are interested.

Meanwhile please do not hesitate to come back regularly as I will update this page whenever I have new information to share with you !




Clic on this picture to access my Zazzle shop directly from here

Clic on this picture to access my Zazzle shop directly from here



As you have probably seen it already I have a “goodies” section on my site and in case you were wondering, Zazzle is my privileged partner to produce them. They have high quality items and it’s quite fun to create new goodies for you to enjoy so I will grow my shop regularly.




Alright, I guess this one will not be a great scoop but I love reading (yep, I swear ;-) )

It was then quite an obvious choice for me to join the Amazon Program. Almost all the books in my private library section are using this program. They are books I enjoyed reading and books I also used for my researches.

The other choice was for me to join the Abebooks program because they have a wonderful collection of rare and/or strange books and they are a “must-go” when I am looking for peculiar subjects for my researches. They also have a wide choice of vintage pics which is definitely a plus.




This place is a must when it comes to find an appropriate affiliate program for writers like me.


More coming soon