My next stories and projects



How does it work ?

Maybe you thought about a short story that you would like to read featuring one or more of your favorite characters ?

Maybe you would love to read the adventures of Dimitri, Lazare’s apprentice ?

Perhaps you would simply love to know what my new serie (yes I like series) will be ?

For all these thoughts and ideas you can think of and would like to share with me, I created this page.

Here you can express yourself and let me know about it and/or simply read before everyone what I am preparing in my secret chamber ;-).



My next serie

village steampunk.jpg

If you already know me then you know what my next serie is, if not here is a quick overview of what I keep in store for you at the moment.

Now that I wrote the words “The End” for Lazare the next step is to translate it in english for you to discover it.

Meanwhile, I thought it was about time for me to think about my next story and that’s what I did !

Well, no surprise there my next story is going to be a new serie (I told you I like series didn’t I? ).

What’s going to be new for this story ? First of all, I decided to try my hand at steampunk this time and I created a whole new world (which I am very proud of) for Andi to evolve in. Oh by the way, the french name for this new story is Andromède Dream, Andi for her friends ;-) !

The serie will count 22 episodes this time, why 22 ? I will tell you more about it later.

For now, I will add new pieces of information on the french page of the serie when it will be time to do it.

English will follow, don’t worry, it will just take a little more time to complete, please be patient and keep in touch !

I will send newsletters on regular basis to let you know all about the progress of this new serie.